Patch 2.2 Relic Quest Guide (Zodiac Weapons)

      Patch 2.2 Relic Quest Guide (Zodiac Weapons)

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      New Relic Weapon Upgrades: Zodiac Weapons

      Players will be able to upgrade their relic weapons beyond the Zenith upgrade in this patch.

      The quest line for Zodiac weapons starts at Gerolt and is entitled “Up in Arms”. Players must have their Relic Zenith equipped in order to start the quest for the Zodiac weapon. The Relic Zenith is still unlocked by interacting with the forge near Gerolt and trading your regular relic weapon along with Thavarian Mist (3x mist required for all items but the 1-hand sword and shield, which require 2x and 1x respectively).

      Having done some of the quest line, it is very time consuming. You are tasked with collecting 12 “atmas” from around the world. These are rare drops from FATEs within the zone indicated in the quest log. The drop rate seems to be 4%-10% and is completely random. No particular FATE seems to be responsible for the Atma drop – you can be in a group of 8 and get the drop and have no one else in the group get the drop. Note: The Atma of the Maiden is in Central Shroud, not Central Thanalan.

      Once you finish off your Atmas, you have to slowly upgrade it to item level 100. When you first get your Atma (Zodiac) weapon, it is only item level 90 and no stronger than your Relic Zenith. I understand that these cost a lot of Tomestones of Mythology (13,500 for the full upgrade), so be prepared to slowly finish this over the course of weeks.

      The patch notes also state that every patch will roll out new quests for the Zodiac weapon line, allowing players to steadily increase the strength of these weapons.


      (Hier gibts auch noch ne ganze Menge andere Infos zu Patch 2.2 wie z.B Vergütung der Strategie Steine)