levi x guide, quelle youtube mr happy levi x guide

      levi x guide, quelle youtube mr happy levi x guide

      PLEASE UPVOTE THIS POST FOR EVERYONE TO SEE, it covers all the strategies and patterns Mr. Happy failed to go over in the video, including the pattern of dives and slams and where to look in order to dodge those moves. No "whipping your camera around" needed.

      There is a very clear pattern for the dives and the body slams, as you said, for the first two times he does the dives, he will come from the same side that he is currently on, so if he was North he would go from North to South, you point your camera to the North side and see which part of the boat the dive is going to hit and dodge accordingly. If his first dive comes from the North, then the second dive will always come from the South.

      When he goes for the 3rd set of dives (after the yellow Spumes appear) he has a chance of diving from the side. Just like all the other dive phases, there is a pattern for where to look. If it's a vertical dive (North to South or South to North) the water spout will always appear on the same side leviathan was on before he goes underwater. If it's a horizontal dive (West to East or East to West) the water spout will ALWAYS FIRST appear on the same side as the tail. This is only true for the FIRST dive of the set, the second dive will be in the opposite directions. Just like how in the vertical dives leviathan goes North to South and then South to North (never coming from the same side twice in a row), the horizontal dives go from Tail-side to Head-side and then Head-side to Tail-side.

      Another thing to note is that in a single set of dives, he can do one Vertical and then one Horizontal dive. If leviathan is being tanked on the North side and then starts his set of dives with a vertical dive, he will come from the North, HOWEVER, the second dive can come from either South OR the Head-side. Furthermore, if leviathan starts his dive set with a horizontal dive, he will come from the tail, but the second dive can STILL come from either the South side or the Head-side. Understanding this is essential because at any point in dodging the dives you will always know that there will only be two sides for you to look at, and they will always be adjacent, meaning you will no longer need to spin your camera around because it is quite easy to fixate your view on just two adjacent sides of the ship.

      As for body slams, the pattern for them is that he will always slam on alternate sides, while the chance of it being North or South is random (just like the chance of which part of the ship leviathan is going to attack with his dives) the side of the ship he comes from is absolute, and so you should always know where to look so that you can see which part of the ship he is going to attack. He first starts his slam on the West side, so the second slam will surely be East. This is proven to alternate, even when skipping phases (I was once in a group with so much dps that we fought 2 sets of adds and took out two spumes before he even dived a second time, and once he was done with the dives the body slam still came from the East side, this has also happened where he dived after 2 sets of adds but before the spumes, his slam still came from the East side second time around, and will continue to alternate for the whole fight)

      on some side notes:
      - It is worth noting that Caster LB3 can hit all 4 yellow Spumes during the second set of them (aim for the little object in the exact middle of the ship). Caster LB3 can also hit the front two Spumes as well as both the Head AND the Tail. Using LB3 in either of these ways will greatly help groups that are struggling with dps. High dps groups who don't have LB3 by the second set of Spumes can still use Caster LB2 to hit either the two front or two back Spumes.
      - When the Wave (blue) Spumes spawn, the tail tank should actually run to the middle and spam flash to take aggro on those spumes right away. The point of this is to allow the healers to aoe heal as necessary when all the yellow Spumes are dying and dealing damage to everyone.
      - After you kill that last caster add that casts hysteria, there is nothing else other than dodging some more dives and slams, if you hit a certain time limit (somewhere around 11-12 minutes, haven't actually timed it myself) you will activate the enrage, where he will perform another Tidal Wave, except this time the converter is not available to protect you, and so the party wipes.
      - Dreadwash can actually be negated. If you happen to take 0 damage from dreadwash, you will not be afflicted by Hysteria. This can easily be accomplished by a SCH Succor, although it is advised to stun it and avoid it completely anyways, because chances are whoever is tanking it, as well as the ones tanking leviathan, will not have a shield up, take damage, and then walk off the ship.
      - I've noticed that 30 is the safe number for the elemental converter, 24 usually means you wipe, and at 27 the party barely survives, with the squishier members having around 5-10% of hp left.

      Sorry for the long read, but I was sick of finding so many Levi EX videos that didn't point out this pattern and said "flipping", "spinning", or "whipping" your camera around was an acceptable strategy, because it is not. Once you know the pattern, you should ALWAYS know where to look, and then you can dodge accordingly.

      Source: I must have beaten Levi EX 100+ times now, and still no Mirror :/, feel free to add me, I main BLM.