Rift 3.7: Summer Solstice

      Rift 3.7: Summer Solstice

      == FEATURES ==


      Four souls are getting a face lift in 3.7: Warlord, Berserker, Druid and
      Elementalist! below are some brief blurbs, but be sure to check out the
      details in the SOULS section of the patch notes below!

      Warrior - Warlord

      We wanted to make it into a brutal damage dealer that was every bit as
      good as its sibling, as well as providing a completely alternative
      playstyle. To accomplish this, we improved the “feel” of the abilities,
      while also making the choices about what power to use, and when, much
      clearer. Of course we needed to give it a bit of a boost as well;
      everyone likes to do more damage! Making the rotation of abilities more
      rewarding and fun to play was a central theme that traveled throughout
      or changes to this Soul.

      Primalist - Berserker

      Our goal for Berserker was simple: we simply wanted to improve sustained
      damage over time. Berserker is still a Soul that can throw out a lot of
      damage in a very short period of time, but when its buffs are down it
      should now do better overall. Reducing Berserker’s reliance on abilities
      with a 1 minute cooldown was very important. as well as making the
      shift from Cunning to Fury feel more impactful and interesting.

      Cleric - Druid

      With a very versatile selection of abilities, Druid has always been
      popular for leveling and Instant Adventure. That same versatility always
      carried a price tag however, as Druid tended to be less effective in
      dungeons and raids. The new Druid has a much more active play style than
      before: several passive buttons or hour-long buffs were replaced with
      active abilities that reward precise management of several related
      stacks of debuffs on the target to maximize damage per second. Druids
      can now use the ability Conduit of Nature to gain one of four very
      powerful buffs. This allows Druids to get full benefit from their pet’s
      presence even in raid or PvP situations that might otherwise make the
      pet ineffective.

      Mage - Elementalist

      The Elementalist was a great soul for leveling but fell off in high end
      play. We love Souls that utilize pets, but making the pets perform
      appropriately and intelligently in all environments is a major
      challenge. In difficult situations, the Elementalist will now be able to
      tap into the raw power of the planes through their pet, rendering it
      powerless for combat but providing massive benefit to its master. The
      specific power granted will depend on the elemental nature of the pet,
      anything from dramatically increasing the caster’s resistance to damage
      via Earth pets, to making spells from the Elementalist school
      instantaneous through Fire pets. Picking the right pet and utilizing its
      elemental nature effectively can turn the tide of previously difficult


      * Guilds can now be created by a single character. They no longer require multiple signatures to be created!

      * Guilds can now be created directly from the Guild Finder.

      * A fanfare now plays upon joining a guild. Congratulations!


      * New players will now be automatically added to a Starter Guild
      specific to their faction and server. This is meant to help introduce
      new players to the benefits of belonging to a guild in Rift while also
      connecting them with other newcomers.

      * New Player Guilds remain statically at level 5 and cannot gain Guild XP.

      * New Player Guilds always appear in the Guild Finder.


      * Players that have completed a particular dungeon five times will now
      become a Veteran of that dungeon. This status is not applied

      * Veterans running a dungeon while grouped with at least one non-veteran
      gain a 15% bonus to currency, tokens, reputation, and XP earned from
      that particular run!


      * Summer is here and it’s time for fun in the sun! It begins on Thursday July 14th at 3:30 PM server time!


      * Artifact Piñatas containing seven new artifact sets can be found all
      throughout the world on during Summerfest. * These artifact sets are
      exclusive to Summerfest.

      * Destroying them causes an explosion of collectible artifacts to appear based on the color of the piñata when it explodes.

      * Collect all of the sets and you'll receive special dimension items, a title, and a rare pet!


      * New Sigils

      * New Burning Husk Mount and Beachtowel Cape.

      * New Outfits and Vanity Weapons: Alsbeth’s Raiment, Ruffian’s Garb, Short Oar, and Long Oar.

      *New Portrait Badges: Gold Scarab and Cupcake.

      * New Minion Card: Mitch and new Minion Adventures.


      * Dimension Key: Greenscale's Crater.

      * Dimension VFX: Bubbles, and Butterflies.

      * Dimension Items: Pastel Limestone Building Blocks and a new Summerfest Grab Bag!

      * Dimension NPCs: Waftwing Moth, Birds of Summer, Fish, and Wisps of Summer Flame.

      * 6 new Terrain Paint Recipes!


      * 21 new sets of EACH of the Poison, Burning, and Nightmare types of artifacts in both Stonefield and Gloamwood! Get exploring!


      * Corrected an issue where incorrect coin rewards were sometimes displayed for Quests.

      * Fixed a case where bags would auto close after using an ability or item in the inventory.

      * Missing localized words in some cases will have a new error message.

      * Fix an uncommon instability issue.

      * Bank Vaults have been fixed to allow extensions for all vaults.

      * Improved performance for those with very large friends lists.

      * Zone event announcements will now properly announce themselves to level chats again.

      * You can no longer fish to locations that you do not have line of sight of.

      * Fixed a strange case where characters could appear headless when they were inspected.

      * Sparkle quests are now even more specific about how you sparkle.

      * Fixed a bug where hair would overlay a helmet when previewing gear.

      * Introduction quests to various features of RIFT that are given automatically when you level can now be abandoned.


      * Fixed the display of some achievements which were no longer showing rewards.

      * Corrected display of some PVP and fishing achievements.

      * Added a scrollbar to the recent achievements summary.


      * Fixed non-giftable items to show as locked when viewing other player’s wish lists.

      * Raiment of the Torvan Order can now be purchased in the Rift store (Affinity > Costumes).


      * Fixed an issue with taking screenshots with UI while multicore rendering is enabled.

      * Further experimental multicore stability fixes.


      * The store button in the Soul Tree now correctly links to the Soul category in the store.

      * Fixed an issue where the Character sheet would sometimes show wardrobe overlapping armor after previewing items.

      * Added a new key bind for muting audio.

      * Fixed the drag area for greater essences in the Planar Focus.

      * Dormant Doom Guard Neck Band and Dormant Sigil of the Lost Goddess now upgrade to the appropriate item.

      * Items, like runes, or abilities, like Runebreak, that are used on other items, will dim all items which it cannot be used on.

      * The welcome dialog is now also accessible from the start menu.

      * Updated the split stack dialog to close when pressing Escape.

      * Fixed a bug when linking to the store from the crafting window, not showing the search item.

      * Adding a settings option to adjust the opacity for spell visual effects.

      * Added more details to the Affinity tooltip in the character sheet.


      * Artifacts window can now show artifacts sets that you have not yet
      started by using the drop down filter. The drop down “All” selection
      will now show not yet started artifacts.

      * Changed the way the Poison, Burning and Nightmare Artifact sight DOTs
      work to better accommodate lower levels as these types are now in
      Stonefield and Gloamwood. The damage per tick has been reduced, but Out
      of Combat health regen is suppressed while any of the DOTs are on you.


      * If a movement key is being held down when a root ends you will resume moving.

      * Call of the Ascended now correctly resets all combat resurrects when appropriate.

      * Updated ability tooltips to display cooldowns for contextual abilities.

      * Fading Light should work more consistently when under the effects of crowd control debuffs.



      The following abilities have been removed from the Druid:

      * Fury of the Fae (level 28 root ability).

      * Aid of the Forest (level 36 root ability).

      * Spirit of Upheaval (level 44 root ability).

      * Spirit of Asphodel (level 50 root ability).

      * Subtlety (level 57 root ability).

      The Druid soul has gained the following abilities:

      * Fast Summon – New level 28 root ability. Causes the next cleric pet summons to be cast instantly.

      * Natural Force – New level 36 root ability (passive) – Druid melee
      abilities add a stack of Nature's Force to the target in addition to
      their normal effects

      * Nature's Censure – New level 36 - melee damage; off the GCD with an 8s
      cooldown. It deals bonus damage based on how many stacks of Natural
      Force are consumed. Stacks 1-4 increase the damage of Nature’s Censure
      by 10% each. 5 Stacks of Natural Force increase the damage of Nature’s
      Censure by 300%.

      * Nature's Edict – New level 36 root ability - melee damage; 4s
      cooldown. It consumes stacks of Nature's Force - replaces each stack of
      Nature's Force consumed with a stack of Nature's Weakness; Nature's
      Weakness increases all damage done by Druid soul abilities per stack.
      Stacks of Nature's Weakness last for 30s.

      * Conduit of Nature - New level 58 root ability - Your pet becomes a
      natural foci, providing you a buff and no longer attacking. Can only be
      cast if you currently have a pet out. Dismissing your pet will remove
      this buff. Each pet provides a unique buff:

      - Greater Satyr Destroyer - your damage increased by 15%

      - Greater Satyr Protector - you take 20% less damage

      - Healer - healing you receive is increased by 30%

      - Seer - Increase range of the cleric’s melee attacks by 17m.

      Additional Changes:

      * Mana Cost Reductions: The following abilities have had their mana
      costs reduced: Nature’s Edict, Fae Mimicry, Essence Strike, Fervent

      * Peace of the Forest – now returns 20% mana (up from 7%); still consumes 7% of the druid’s health

      * Punishing Strike (mastery) now applies a stack of Natural Force to the
      target if the Natural Force ability is known. Cooldown increased to 9
      seconds (up from 8)

      * Eruption of Life – now has a base of 6 stacks (up from 5)

      * Overproliferation adds 3 to the maximum number of Eruption of Life
      stacks per talent point (up from 2 per talent point) (so the net is that
      there are now 12 stacks of EoL when Overproliferation is fully

      * Peace of the Forest – Restores 10% mana (down from 20%); no longer on the global cooldown; now has a 5 second cooldown

      * Crushing Force – now deals attack damage on the initial hit; If this
      effect is on the target, the damage bonus from Nature's Edict effect is

      * Essence Strike – cooldown reduced to 9 seconds (down from 10)

      * Fae Mimicry - now only affects only Druid soul abilities and applies 5 stacks of Natural Force to the target

      if a target is selected and is within 30m. Note that the ability can
      still be activated if no target is selected or if the target is out of
      range. Activating the ability in this manner will increase the damage of
      the next 4 druid abilities but will not apply Natural Force stacks to
      the target. Tooltip has been clarified to reflect this.

      * Fae Mimicry – the next 4 abilities deal additional Life damage equal to 70% their initial damage. (down from 100%)


      * Shaman Massive Blow damage reduced by 15% in PvP situations.

      * Massive Blow is now unlocked as a root ability after 16 points have
      been spent in the Shaman soul. * Avalanche Strike is now unlocked as a
      root ability after 8 points have been spent in the Shaman soul.

      * Massive Blow now gains extra damage based on the cleric’s Spell Critical Hit rating



      * Archon's Bulwark buffs now have unique names for each element to improve addon tracking.

      * Burning Purpose now correctly affects all abilities with cast times.


      * * Mana Drain has been removed from the following Abilities: Mana
      Wrench, Mass Betrayal, Traitorous Influence, and Transference.

      * Nyx’s Orb no longer has a cooldown and has had its damage adjusted accordingly


      * Cycle of Elements: Talent: Passive: Every 10 seconds you will advance
      to a new element. Cycle of Elements increases the damage of the
      appropriate element by 5/10%.

      * Crystalline Missiles now deals Physical damage and is modified by your current Elemental Cycle.

      * Crystalline Missiles modifications:

      - Cycle of Earth: Your Crystalline Missile deals additional Earth damage and has increased critical chance.

      - Cycle of Air: Your Crystalline Missile deals additional Air damage and chains to another target.

      - Cycle of Water: Your Crystalline Missile deals additional Water damage and heals you and nearby allies.

      - Cycle of Fire: Your Crystalline Missile deals additional Fire damage and is instant cast and has a 1 second global cooldown.

      * Elemental Burst: Counts as all elements and will trigger all 4 Cycle of Elements buffs.

      * Prismatic Volley: Counts as all 4 elements and will trigger all 4 cycle of elements each tick.

      * Stormbolt: Now also triggers Air and Water cycles. Cooldown increased to 25s. Damage adjusted to account for this.

      * Volcanic Eruption: Now also triggers Fire and Earth cycles. Cooldown increased to 25. Damage adjusted to account for this.

      * Raging Elements: Also increases the Mage's damage by 50%.

      * New Ability: Conduit of Power: 58: Your Greater pets becomes an
      elemental foci, providing you a buff and no longer attacking. Each pet
      provides a unique buff. Can only be cast if you currently have a Greater
      Elemental out. Dismissing your pet will remove this buff.

      - Earth Elemental: The mage now takes 15% less damage.

      - Air Elemental: Spell Power is increased by 10% and damage dealt by 25%.

      - Water Elemental: Cooldowns of damaging and control spells are reduced by 15%.

      - Fire Elemental: Elementalist Cast times are reduced to 0. Channeled spells deal 15% more damage.

      * Prismatic Volley damage drastically increased.

      * Elemental Burst damage drastically increased.

      * Stormbolt damage drastically increased.

      * Volcanic Eruption damage drastically increased.

      * Talent: Rushing Wind: Reduces the cast time of Lightning Strike by .75s per point.

      * Intensify Elements now has a 60 seconds cooldown (down from 120s).


      * Frostkeepers can now correctly cast any barrier on a target that is
      already affected by another Frostkeeper’s barrier without removing the
      other Frostkeeper’s effects.

      *Fixed an issue where Ground Zero was causing Frostkeeper’s Armor to proc on the target of Ground Zero.

      * Frozen Ground is now correctly tagged as both a snare and a stun when the appropriate effects are applied.

      * Earthen Rapport's absorb no longer incorrectly benefits from effects that increase absorbs.

      * Harmony is now correctly considerd a proc and will no longer trigger certain effects incorrectly.

      * Earthwalk can now be properly used while under the effect of crowd control debuffs.

      * Fixed an issue where casting Ground Zero on a target triggered effects from Frostkeeper’s Armor


      * Rending Slash now increases damage by 10% (up from 8%).

      * Rising Storm now increases effectivenes of SP contribution by 5% per point (up from 4%).


      * Pyromania now increases the effect of Spell Power on your Fire abilities by 4% per point (up from 3% per point).

      * Fireball now applies a damage over time effect for roughly 30% of its
      damage over 2 seconds when both Fusillade and Heat Wave are on cooldown
      and not currently in effect.

      * Scorch now correctly stuns when interrupting a target (if the Flash Burn talent is owned).


      Death’s Door damage reduced by approximately 30%

      Atrophy damage increased by approximately 15%

      Atrophy still gains damage as its duration runs, but the amount of increase has been reduced.

      Dark Touch damage increased by approximately 15%

      Defile damage increased by approximately 15%

      Atrophy damage increased by approximately 15%



      * Icefall/Corpsefall: Now a single button called Wrathfall. Becomes Corpsefall in Cunning. Becomes Icefall in Fury.

      * Corpsefall: Only used in Cunning. Deals single target damage to the
      target and increases the damage they take from Underworld Shards.
      Corpsefall also heals the Berserker for X. Pushes towards Cunning.

      * Icefall: Only used in Fury. Deals AoE damage split evenly among up to 8
      targets. Deals increased damage for each target hit. Targets hit by
      Icefall are snared for 5 seconds. Pushes towards Fury.

      * New Ability: Shatterfrost: Deal AoE damge split evenly among up to 8
      targets. Deals increased damage for each target hit. Deals bonus damage
      to targets who have been recently damaged by Icefall.

      * Damage of Creeping Doom increased by ~17%.

      * Damage of Icefall increased by ~17%.

      * Damage of Corpsefall increased by ~40%.

      * Damage of Underworld Shards increased by ~17%.

      * Damage of Spirit's Wrath reduced by ~10%.

      * Planar Spout now increases damage by 10% (down from 15%).

      * Font of Wrath now increases AoE damage by 3% per stack.

      * Chilling Wrath now increases the effect of Font of Wrath by 3% per point.

      * Condensed Wrath now increases damage by 15% per combo point. The
      penalty per target is 20% per additional target beyond the first.

      * Condensed Wrath only works on Berserker abilities.

      * Deathly Tendrils damage increased by 25%.

      * Residual Pain now deals roughly twice as much damage.


      * Thunderhead effect now displays the correct effect name, icon, and effect percent when applied to the Dervish.


      * Blast Wave now procs the Grounded buff that prevents a player target from being knocked back repeatedly.

      * Font of Sublimination is no longer consumed by effects that are already instant at the time you get a proc.

      * Excoriate damage reduced by 5%.

      * Vaporize damage reduced by 5%.


      * Allies who stand in your Serenity receive 50% increased healing from your Deluge and Estuary.


      * Life Bond's Teleport can no longer be activated by players who are carrying an objective in PVP.


      * kill Shot will now only consume Font of Sublimination and Skill Shot procs one at a time, rather than both at once.



      * Mana Drain has been removed from Touch of Darkness.


      * Mana Drain has been removed from Touch of Darkness.


      Rapid Fire Shot deals roughly 10% more damage.

      Rapid Fire Shot damage in PVP remains unchanged.

      Calculated Shot deals roughly 12.5% more damage.

      Calculated Shot damage in PVP remains unchanged.

      Deadeye Shot deals roughly 10% more damage.

      Deadeye Shot damage in PVP remains unchanged.

      Sentry Battery deals roughly 8% more damage.

      Sentry Battery damage in PVP remains unchanged.


      * Mirrored Strike, Shadow Flurry, and Strangulate are now correctly tagged as death damage.

      * Seeping Darkness now can correctly be used when under all forms of CC.

      * Seeping Darkness no longer provides immunity to CC after being cast.

      * Fixed some missing sounds on the Shadeborn soul.

      * Shadow Flurry damage reduced by 5%.

      * Consuming Depths damage reduced by 5%.



      * Call of the Forest now correctly affects all abilities with cast times.


      * New (Level 4) Light's Shield: Taking damage has a 30% chance to apply
      Light's Shield. Retaliation, Light's Reprisal, and Light's Vengeance
      require stacks of Light's Shield to be cast. This effect can only be
      triggered once every 3 seconds.

      *Retaliation: Now also increases your Block Mitigation by 30% for 12
      seconds. Now requires Light's * Shield to be cast instead of triggering
      after a block.

      * Light's Reprisal: Now requires Light's Shield to be cast instead of triggering after a block.

      * Light's Vengeance: Now requires Light's Shield to be cast instead of triggering after a block.

      * Aggressive Block: Tooltip clarified to no longer reference abilities
      that come after a block. Now references abilities that require Light's


      * Mana Drain has been removed from Storm Burst.


      * I Believe in You! Has been reworked to provide a portion of your Attack Power as an absorb when Stand Tall! Heals a target.


      * Surges are now passives that are applied for 10 seconds when a finisher is cast.

      * Power costs reduced by 25% across the board.

      * Defensive Surge no longer reduces damage dealt.

      * Offensive Surge now works as described in the tooltip again.

      * Piercing Thrust now deals 350% increased damage when used after a finisher (up from 200% damage)

      * Piercing Thrust is now only buffed after a warlord finisher.

      * Ready Posture now increases critical hit damage by 10% (up from 5%).

      * Ready Posture now reduces Power costs of abilities by 10% (up from 5%).

      * Surges now only trigger from Warlord finishers.

      * Piercing Thrust now deals 200% increased damage when used after a Warlord finisher.

      * Ready Posture increases the damage bonus by 150% (up to 350%).


      * Nightmare Saga: Thanks to nstgc, Researcher Jessa is no longer scared
      off by Defilers’ Beacons of Despair during the quest Finding the Finder.


      * The dwarves of the Runic Athenaeum have built a porticulum on the Timeworn Cliffs.


      * Instant Adventure: Featured Queue: Summer is here! Enjoy a vacation to sunny Shimmersand and the balmy jungles of Dendrome.


      * Khadluu Ukher World Boss: The initial damage of Fiery Discharge done
      after being hit by the projectile has been lowered. Tyrant’s Roar damage
      has been lowered. Previously it dealt flat damage, now does percentage
      based damage of a player’s max health.

      * The Water Twisted Skyhunter no longer has a continuous knockback aura. And then there was much rejoicing. Huzzah!


      * Diolixis the Mage Lord has taken a up residence in Tempest Bay to critique your fake fights against the training dummies.


      * Instant Adventure: Encroaching Earth: The adventure has been rebuilt
      with better messaging and more appropriate respawn rates for the motes.



      * Laethys: Laethys will no longer cast “Storm of Treasures”.


      * Fixed a bug where VO would play upon zone in even after bosses have died.

      *Fixed an issue on Easy Mode where sometimes players would continue to
      gain stacks of Ascended Odds after respawning and not engaging an enemy.

      * The entrance to the Comet of Ankhet raid has been move to (13278, 11564) just outside of the Haunted Terminal building.

      * Fixed an issue where Hard mode Duke Eblius and Fyragnos could possibly spawn more than two reward chests


      * Garau’s Bloodtide ability is now interruptible.


      * Fixed a bug where Arisen Arak would continue to shout VO after he died.

      * Moved the exit location of the instance so you’re no longer in the line of fire.

      * Fixed the quest objective for Arisen Arak to appear after Lady Justice, Enigma and Dark Genesis have been killed.


      * Threngar’s Consuming Darkness is no longer modified by the amount of mana he has.


      * The Rhaza’de Canyon Conqueror achievement no longer requires the achievement Kill them All to complete.

      * Fixed a bug where the ‘conqueror’ achievement was named rapid assault.


      * Fixed the achievements “The Spartan Approach” and “Go Ahead, Curse My Treasure”



      * Garau’s Bloodtide ability is now interruptible.


      * Vis and Misericordia: Measures have been implemented to encourage players not to pull either boss from their tower perch!

      * Lord Arak: Fixed an issue causing the Shield Break temporary ability to not be given to players.

      * Pagura now breaks off all attacks when transitioning to the second phase of the encounter.

      * Crustok and Brachy’s Defensive Blast now hits for less damage.


      * PVP Damage reduced by roughly 25%.

      * PVP Healing and Absorbs reduced by roughly 20%.

      * Weekly quests have been changed so that the favor they reward can be augmented by favor boosts.

      * Ascended has been changed so that it will only count kills inside of Warfronts.

      * Conquest Carnage now only requires 900 kills to complete.


      * Minion Adventures you receive from Zephyr should no longer proc as rare.


      * Reaper’s Blade and Huntsman’s Waraxe have had their item level reduced to be in line with all other drops from CoA.

      * The Shovel of Progress now unlocks its wardrobe appearance.

      * All Chocolate Horse Bridles are now eligible for Underwater Mount Training.

      * Increased the stats of the following essences:

      - Deacon's Immeasurable Pyrestone

      - Deacon's Sinister Fathomstone

      - Deacon's Soulless Dreamcatcher

      * The Raiment of the Torvan Order wardrobe set can be found in the Affinity store.


      * Added 20 more wardrobe slots for all your costuming needs!

      Character view now shows the equipped wardrobe items instead of the real ones.

      * Weapon rune VFX effects now show up properly when applied to the wardrobe slot.


      * Dead Simon punching dummy now available for your Dimensions from your local Lucky Coin merchant.

      * Building block shapes missing from various material sets have been added to the game.

      * Plushie dimension items can now be found in the Small Decorations section of the Auction House.

      * Fixed a bug where the dimensions dialog would incorrectly show active dimensions after replacing a dimension.

      * The Building Blocks and Modules section of the Rift Store has been reorganized.

      * Carpet Tiles have been added to the Building Modules section of the Rift Store (Dimensions > Building Modules).

      * Three new types of Brick Building Blocks (Red, Gray, and Dark) have
      been added to the Rift Store (Dimensions > Building Blocks).

      * Three new types of Wood Building Blocks (Dark, Oak, and Mahogany) have
      been added to the Rift Store (Dimensions > Building Blocks).

      * Three new types of Painted Wood Building Blocks (Black, White, Grey,
      Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow) have been added to the Rift Store
      (Dimensions > Building Blocks).

      * Five new types of Roofing Building Blocks (Blue Tile, Brown Shingle,
      Tin Sheet, Grey Scale, and Green Scale) have been added to the Rift
      Store (Dimensions > Building Blocks).

      * Added a recipe for Monument Base to the Rift store and Bob in Choreburg.

      * Monument of Reason, Monument of Judgement, and Chancel Globe can now
      be purchased in the Rift store (Affinity > Dimensions).

      * Bundles of Water or Glass Building Blocks can now be purchased in the Rift store (Affinity > Dimensions).

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